Future Of is an interdisciplinary brand inspired by the burgeoning creative and entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. Our aim is to explore the future of different products and industries, and disrupt them using conscious and sustainable design practices. We are building the future that we want to live in through Future Of and we want to inspire you to do the same.

Our mission is to champion like-minded individuals who are working towards creating the future of their passion and interests. We at Future Of foster collaboration, rather than competition. The platform will be a place that promotes exchange of ideas, inspires learning and above all partners with futurists to create innovative products.

For our first collection, we chose to explore the Future Of Everyday Wear. This capsule collection of loungewear was designed using conscious materials. The clothes represent belonging to our community of futurists- people who are driven by the impact their choices make. It is for those that believe in learning and building with the community around them.